Ronda Litzenberger

Advocating for Small Business, Education, & Our Families

“My experience as a small business owner,
my work in education and my passion for
our community has prepared me for this moment.”
– Ronda Litzenberger

Republican Ronda Litzenberger

Fighting for Our Students, Our Community, & Our Future

About Ronda Litzenberger

Ronda Litzenberger was raised in Eatonville by loving parents who taught her the value of hard work. Over the past 30 years, she and her husband have raised 5 children and built a small business together. Her professional experience as an Eatonville School Representative and Chair of the WSSDA small schools committee has equipped her with many valuable skills and lessons as well as the ability to connect with community leaders to get things done.

“Ronda best represents the views, values and character of the 2nd District and I hope you will join me in supporting her!” – Senator Randi Becker

On the Issues

Ronda Litzenberger understands that access to quality education is critical for any community to thrive. Her professional experience has allowed her to develop a clear view into the challenges we face and the opportunities we can create in government. As Senator of Washington’s 2nd Legislative District, Ronda will listen, stand for family values, protect small businesses and property rights, and be a voice for our community.

Ronda Litzenberger will fight for high-quality healthcare for families. She will support policies that allow families to have access to quality care at an affordable price.

Ronda Litzenberger will make mental health treatment more accessible. Mental health support is crucial for all people, including those who suffer from homelessness and addiction.

Ronda Litzenberger will prioritize fiscal responsibility. She will protect taxpayers by prioritizing state spending and strongly opposing a state income tax.